• No glass, ceramic or other breakable containers, no glass beads, small stones or pebbles, no candles or open flames, and no illegal drugs, alcoholic   beverages or containers are allowed in the cemetery. Please limit the number of items placed on graves to avoid clutter. Be aware of fire danger when smoking.

    • No digging or planting is allowed. Cemetery water outlets are not for public use.
    • Placement of benches is limited and requires approval by cemetery board. Contact our office if  you wish to place a concrete bench.  Existing benches are the property of the cemetery and are  not to be moved.
    • No concrete, metal, wood fencing or plastic borders may be placed around headstones or      graves.
    • Floral and other decorations should be in unbreakable containers and placed on or near the  headstone to allow for leveling and to avoid mower damage. All other items will be removed.
    • Kindly remove all fresh or silk flowers, wreaths, decorations, etc. from the grave when they          become withered or unsightly or they will be taken away by maintenance. Take away any trash    (water bottles, tissues, etc.) left in or near the area you visit. Please anchor decorations so they do not blow away. Trash receptacles are provided for your convenience.
    • Remove containers that hold standing water.
    • Please have your funeral director to identify the grave of your loved one with a temporary marker until a permanent stone marker is set.
    • A concrete grave liner is required for all burials.
    • Lettering on gravestones on the east side of the cemetery should face west, lettering on  gravestones on the west side should face east.
    • Scattering of cremation remains is not allowed. No green burials are allowed.

    Your cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for helping us maintain        our “little country cemetery”.