5301 NB Hwy 287 Access Road/5211 El Rancho Drive
Arlington, Texas 76017


Hawkins Cemetery has been a community owned cemetery since 1890 when George W. Kee sold it to the community.  Spaces are reserved, not purchased.  Reservation fees paid to Hawkins Cemetery are used for maintenance only.  Unused spaces can be given back to the cemetery or re-assigned to a family member.  Hawkins does not ‘buy back’ spaces.


Reservation fees are currently $1,500.00 per traditional burial space.  Cremation burial spaces are $750.00 per individual cremation urn.  Selection of spaces is by appointment and payment for burial spaces must be made prior to burial date.  A concrete grave liner is required for traditional burial and is ordered by the funeral director.

Interment at Hawkins Cemetery is arranged after opening and closing have been scheduled through the funeral director.  Scheduled burial dates and times should be adhered to closely. Any changes in date/time should be arranged by contacting Hawkins Cemetery Association office (817-360-3217) at least twenty-four hours in advance.  Hawkins Cemetery volunteers assist with parking at burials.

Families should request the funeral director to place a temporary marker at the burial site for identification.  We ask that a permanent stone marker be set within one year.  Markers are set by appointment at least one week in advance.  Single and double spaces must be paid in full before marker can be set.

Fees are subject to change without notice.  04/2019

For more information please call Hawkins Cemetery Association:  817-360-3217